Drop-off Center Services - Additional Services

1. Recycling - Metals

Acceptable Items: Lawn mowers (empty tanks only), metal shelves, empty propane tanks, grills, tools, swing sets, Appliances without Freon, etc.

​2. Recycling - Rigid Plastics

Acceptable Items: Buckets with metal handles, laundry baskets, lawn furniture, toys, plastic coolers, shelving, pet carriers, trash barrels, plastic flower pots (no soil), 5 gallon containers, etc.

Non-Acceptable Items: Plastic beverage containers, hoses, PVC pipe, vinyl siding, glass, metal, wood, paper, Styrofoam, oil/chemical containers, etc.

3.Recycling – Mercury Products

Acceptable Items: Thermostats, Glass Thermometers, Chemistry Sets, Fluorescent & Halogen Bulbs, Blood-Pressure Cuffs, Barometers, Auto/Boat Switches. A free exchange of mercury thermometers for digital ones can be done at the Ivory Street Drop-Off Center.

4. Recycling – Books

Acceptable Items: Gently used books, DVDs, CD, Records, Video Games, Comic Books, Baseball Cards.

Non-Acceptable Items: Encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, wet/moldy/damaged items, cassette , VHS tapes, picture tube TVs, CRT Computer Monitors.

5. Recycling – Clothing/Textiles

Mass DEP Beyond the Bin Directory:


Acceptable Items: (Any condition as long as they are clean & dry)

Footwear – shoes, work & dress boots, sneakers, high heels, cleat, clippers, flip flops, sandals.

Clothing – jerseys, sweaters, sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts, coats, suits, gowns, dresses, blazers, pants, jeans, sweatpants, skirts, undergarments, socks, slips, pajamas, bathrobes, etc.

Accessories – hats, belts, pocketbooks, gloves, duffle bags, ties, scarves, cloth tote bags.

Linens – sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, drapes, dish & bath towels, tablecloths, small throw, rugs, placemats, napkins

Stuffed Animals – can be faded, torn, missing accessories (such as whiskers, noses, etc.)

6. Excess Trash - One-Load Permit (Sticker Required)

Excess Trash - One-Load Permit: (Sticker Required)

One visit per day and must be a Braintree resident with current trash sticker affixed to a vehicle registered in the Town of Braintree. A special ‘One Load Permit’ can be purchased from the Collector’s Office at the Town Hall at a cost of $25. This permit allows a pick-up or SUV to bring one load up to 500 lbs. to the Drop-Off center. Multiple permits can be purchased and there is no expiration date. The permit is non-transferable and is not available to Commercial Businesses, Condominiums or Apartment Buildings.

The “One-Load Permit” is only valid at the Braintree Residential Drop-Off Center. The permit cannot be used at the Covanta Transfer Facility.

Excessive trash that is generated by cleanouts due to moving, periodic 'house cleanings' by residents not participating in the curbside program must be disposed of by renting a dumpster or can be taken to: