Drop-off Center Services - Recycling

Single Stream Recycling
  1. Recycling - Shredded Paper:  If you want to recycle shredded paper you can just hand your bag to the attendant who will empty it into the special carts.  Limit of two 15 gallon bags per visit.  Do not place shredded paper in any other recycle container at the site(Shredded paper can no longer be put into your recycle cart.  It must be placed in your trash if picked up curbside. )
  2. Recycling - Metals  Acceptable Items:  lawn mowers (empty tanks only), metal shelves, empty propane tanks, grills, tools, swing sets, appliances without Freon, etc.
  3. Recycling - Rigid Plastics  Acceptable Items:  Buckets with metal handles, laundry baskets, lawn furniture, toys, plastic coolers, shelving, pet carriers, trash barrels, plastic flower pots (no soil), 5 gallon containers, etc.
  4. Recycling - Mercury Products Acceptable Items: Thermostats, glass thermometers, Chemistry sets, fluorescent & halogen bulbs, blood pressure cuffs, barometers, auto/boat switches.  A free exchange of mercury thermometers for digital ones can be done at the Ivory Street Drop-Off Center.
  5. Recycling - Books:  Acceptable items:  gently used books, DVDs, CDs, Records, Video games, comic books, baseball cards.   Non-Acceptable items: Encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, wet/moldy/damaged items, cassettes, VHS tapes, picture tube TVs, CRT computer monitors.
  6. Recycling - Textiles/Clothing Acceptable items:  (any condition as long as they are clean & dry)  footwear, clothing, hats, belts, linens stuffed animals, etc  Mass DEP Beyond The Bin Directory