100 Roads Program

4th Installment of 100 Roads Program

On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Mayor Sullivan and his Department of Public Works team, announced the 4th installment of Braintree's 100 Roads Program to the neighbor's on Hemlock Street and Hickory Road To view streets that will be treated over the next three years.(Pictured above.)


On April 29, 2008, Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan announced the creation and implementation of Braintree’s 100 Roads Program, an aggressive, three year (2008 through 2010), $16 million town wide roadway improvement plan for Braintree.

At the formal announcement, Mayor Sullivan said, “the fundamental mission of our new government is to improve the basic core services that affect resident’s quality of life on a daily basis. The physical condition of our roads is simply unacceptable.”

Need-Based Plan

This systematic, need-based plan, devoid of politics, ensures that the roads in the worst shape are taken care of first. Utility companies doing work in Braintree must coordinate all their work with the Town. Unless there is a true emergency, utility companies will not be tearing up the new roads.

Mindful of the town’s current fiscal situation, Mayor Sullivan is utilizing existing bonding capacity along with state and municipal Water and Sewer funds to see the program through without adding to the current tax rate.