2020 Construction Projects

Traffic/Intersection Improvements 

South Braintree Square - Hancock St/Pearl Street/Washington St Intersection 

Pearl Street/Ivory Street/John Mahar Highway Intersection

Roadway Infrastructure Program 

Highlands Project Deigan Ave, Paul St, Lawson Ln

  • Granite Curbing, Sidewalks, Roadway Paving 

Hancock St Project - Intersection of Washington and Hancock, Thayer Ave, Hancock Ave

  • Milling and Paving 

Shaw Street Project - Shaw St (Allen St to Hayward St), Belmont St, Dewey Rd, Hillcrest Rd, Somerville Ave

  • Granite Curbing and sidewalks on Shaw St, roadway paving 

Commercial Street

Roadway paving and finish sidewalk reconstruction 

Pond Street

  • Roadway paving, replace failing concrete sidewalks near Armstrong Cir

Granite St

  • Install sidewalk between Peterson Rd and Anderson Rd

Independence Ave

  • Sidewalk reconstruction, ADA and crosswalk improvements near Holmes Street, including installation of Rapid Flashing beacons.

Water/Sewer Projects 

2020 Watermain Project - Approximate Start Date 9/14/20

Replace the watermains, reclaim the roadways and place binder on 10 streets. The project will likely start in mid-September, shutdown for winter in mid-November, and re-start again next spring. The exact schedule and order of construction is TBD.

  • Glenrose Ave
  • Argyle Rd
  • Railroad St
  • Hooker St
  • River St
  • Mayflower Rd
  • Cain Ave 
  • Bradford Rd (250' between Wildwood Ave and Cain Ave)
  • Plain St (Garden Park to Grove St) - services only 
  • Hancock St (450' between Smith St and Highland Ave) - services only 

Howard Street Pump Station - Began 08/10/20

The upgrade and modernization of an aging sewer pump station, including structural repairs to the rood of the structure and replacement of pumps, channel grinders and equipment. The project also includes the installation of a flow meter. Work is expected to be completed by the end of December.

Sewer Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Project, Year 7 - Restarted 07/27/20

This project includes the lining of sewer pipes and manholes and sealing of joints and other defects with the goal of reducing the amount of groundwater infiltrating into the municipal sewer system. Work is trenchless and non-invasive, and often, residents will only see contractor vehicles parked in the middle of the street with access to the sewer system through manholes. This is a fairly expansive program that rehabilitates tens of thousands of feet of pipe in various sections of town. A complete list of streets where work will take place is attached. Work is expected to be completed in October.

Miscellaneous Projects 

Elder Affairs Parking Area

Resurface the existing parking area and expand the parking lot. This project is currently in the design phase.